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A few snippets from our customers in 2024 !  PICKit2 and PICKit3 programmers still rock !!


Sept 2023

Thank you so much Evan. personally I am more than satisfied with the program since I had to update several source code due to the shortage of chips. It has allowed me to work with the most current pics.




I just thought I would take a few minutes and pass along my compliment on the Pickit PLUS , that I acquired from you in mid July of this year.      I am a hobbyist and not a professional programmer.   
This application is so much fun to use and I am enjoying my projects  more because of the ease of making and testing changes as I go along.

Take care,  stay healthy.   It is a bit early but I want to wish you a Merry Xmas and all the best for the coming New Year.

O.W. G

Hello Evan

I have been using your Pickit Plus for several months now.

That is a very nice and easy to use program.
Thank you for writing it.

I have now totally stopped using MPLAB as a programmer [software].

Dear PICKitPlus team,
I am delighted to continue to support you in developing the pkcmd-lx software.
I have used it over this last year and it has performed faultlessly both with pickits 2 &3 - a feature previously unknown with other programmers/software that I have used over the years.
Thanks again, and to Evan who helped with initial queries
Kind regards
Hello Evan
I use Pickit Plus and I am very satisfied.
Abdullah A.
Hello ,
I am pleased to report that Pickit plus is working ok. I have successfully programmed a chip to use in a project.
I have kept the Microsoft anti virus as per your suggestion and with the Malwarebytes functions selectively switched off I found that it was the malware protection that was causing the problem so I have retained the other functions .
I must thank you very much for your help, time and patience in dealing with a non electronic technical user, I was a mechanical engineering Design Draughtsman in my working life which is now a long time behind me at eighty years of age.
Best wishes to you and to your business,
Anthony J.
Hi Evan,
First, a big thanks for freeing me from the MPlabX programmer! What a relief to again be able to use my old familiar programming tool!
Bill T.
Got it. Pretty cool. It works well on Win10 as advertised.
What you've done with PICKitPlus is awesome!!
I love it!
I've got a 16F1825 32mhz PIC up and running this morning with it.
And that device was not in the PicKit2 device files.
My very sincere thanks!
Duane D.
Thanks for this code; it looks to be exactly what I think it should be:
  • Just sits and does the job
  • Plenty of simple setup options
  • No integrating it with other code by other writers
  • I can use my PICkit3s - I bought two spares when they were getting hard to find.
It also has a huge database of PICs including, as you say, the PIC18-Q series of very powerful devices.

bom dia!

obrigado pelo software. salvou meu dia. muito obrigado mesmo. estava quase desistindo de gravar o pic18f25q43 com o pickit3. mas dai teria que comprar o pickit 4, o que não era do nosso interesse, pois temos varias unidades do pickit2 e 3 onde gravamos nossos projetos. então este software seu, nos ajudou muito.

Good Morning!

thanks for the software. saved my day. Thank you very much. I was about to give up recording pic18f25q43 with pickit3. but then I would have to buy pickit 4, which was not of our interest, as we have several pickit2 and 3 units where we record our projects. so this software of yours helped us a lot.

Stuart, Evan,


My Hex file loaded, upload messages are all good, everything works!

Thank you both for your patience, persistence and help.
I can now move forward with my projects!

Thank you again,

Albert, Happy Customer

Yes, it works well without error. Good !!

Thank you for your quickly response.


Note:   This user reported an error with the K40 verification process. 

I wrote PIC18F67K40 using Pickitplus.

The following error occurs.

-Verification of configuration failed at config word
-EBTR is 1, but read 0

What should I do?

Thank you


We resolved the issue within 24 hours with release


Yes, It works well !!

Thank you



Thanks for the software.

It works !

Olivier R.


Hi Evan

Just a quick note to say that I have built the PICKIT 2 [kit] and it worked first time. Beautiful.

Thanks very much.




Impeccable, merci beaucoup

Le pickit2 plus fonctionne bien ;-)