PICKitPlus Basic Suite

Why select this suite?

This suite provides the essential tools to program, verify and read Microchip microcontrollers and a wide range of EEPROMs.

You can Read, Write with Verify, Erase the supported parts without having to update the firmware in the PICkit Programmer.

The software suite is simple to use with usability enhancements such as 'Recently Used', Setting of 'Auto-Start' option to prevent overvoltage, HEF/SAF memory management and easy reviewing of the critical part information such as memory size, EEPROM and/or HEF-SAF size, config bits and debug bit. 

What is in the suite?

The PICKitPlus Basic Suite contains three applications.

  1. PICKitPlus for PICKit 2 Programmer
  2. PICKitPlus for PICKit 3 Programmer
  3. PICKitCommandline for PICKit 2 and PICKit 3 Programmers

What is different when compared to the PICKitPlus Flex Suite?

This suite does not contain PICKitAutoWatch.   PICKitAutoWatch improves your productivity by the simplicity of the operation to continously program your part.  

if you are not experienced with the command line and/or batch files then we would recommend the PICKitPlus Flex Suite.

If you are using Micrcochip programmers-on-board then we would recommend the PICKitPlus Flex Suite.

What Programmers are Supported?

PICKItPlus supports PICKit 2 and PICKit 3 programmers.  Our software can be used with Microchip programmers, or clones.

We do not require an update to the firmware within the programmer.  However, to ensure you do have the correct firmware our software can load the firmware and we provide the correct firmware in your installation software.

What are the Operating Systems Supported?

Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 10.

What is included in my user license?

One year software support/maintenance plus free updates to the parts database.

What internet connection do I need?

To operate the software, in terms of programming, you do not require an internet connection.   

If you did want to check the version of the parts database then you would need to connect to the internet... or, you could look on our GitHub site.

What is the installation process?

The suite is provided in a Windows installer.   Simply download and install.  The suite will be installed to your desired folder with the appropiate desktop icons.