LCD Rucksack 


What is it ?

The LCD Rucksack Kit provides a simple interface to a standard LCD display. It is based upon an AVR Mega328p controller chip - you can communicate with the LCD Rucksack Kit  using USART, I2C or SPI.   It is highly versatile adapter that permits the easy addition of a LCD to any project.


What is the LCD Rucksack?

It is  the flexible way to connect an LCD to a microcontroller with the LCD Rucksack supporting I2C, SPI and Serial communications.   You set a few jumpers to choose the communications protocol.

It is a simple kit you can build and then use.  Provided with documentation and example code.


How do I build the LCD Rucksack?

Easy.  See this video the build should take about 40 minutes.


This user guide explains the LCD Rucksack User Documentation


How do I get the LCD Rucksack?

If you want one see  our buying page