For PICkit 2 and PICkit 3 programmers.



PICKitEasy is a the easiest method to program a microcontroller.  

PICKitEasy  is a single application of the PICkit 2 and PICkit3 programmers, the software is feature rich and easy to use via the user interface.  It is our best value for money product if you are simply programming your part.

PICKitEasy provides support for the the latest generation of Microchip microcontrollers, and supports the  Microchip Programmers-on-Board the Microchip Xpress Boards.  

The software capabilities are shown in the table.

PICKitEasy supports nearly 1000 different types of microcontrollers, EEPROMS and the Microchip Programmers-on-Board the Microchip Xpress Boards.  

  • PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24.
  • dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 family.
  • MCP2502X/5X & HCSxx.
  • Microchip Xpress Boards
  • See here for the full list of supported parts.

Core functionality

  • Programs the target part with the selected hex file.
  • Automatic part detection.
  • Recently used parts listed.
  • Supports multiple voltages within constraints of physical programmer - noting that some clone programmers do not support voltage control.
  • Supports ISCP protocol frequency management.
  • Manages Microchip HEF and SAF memory with automatic merger of HEF/SAF memory into target part.
  • Support a wide range of Windows operating systems (32bit/64bit): Windows XP ,Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Embedded 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • New programming protocols to support new classes of Microchips PIC microcontrollers.
  • Updated and managed database for Microchip and other EEPROM devices.
  • Supports the standard Microchip Microchip PICKit 2 and PICkit3 programmer firmware.  PICKitPlus does not require an update to the Microchip PICKit 2 and PICkit3 programmer firmware.
  • Control power on and off independent of programming state.
  • Automatic parts database update.
  • Internet connection not required.

Internationalisation Support

  • Supports local language. 

Safe Usage Enhancements

  • Windows toast alerting of programming operations.
  • Delays and file retry options.
  • Sound notifications.

Environments proven to work

  • WIndows file structures local hard drive, LAN and WAN shares.
  • MPASMX compiler and linker.
  • GPASM compiler and linker.
  • MPLAB-X Cloud IDE with remote HEX download to local file structure.
  • There are many, many more


PICKitEasy User Interface



















What are the capabilities of PICKitEasy software?




Tool Operations

  • Programmmer selection
  • Programmer status

Select from installed PICKit 2, PICKit 3 or Microchip Programmer-on-Board devices.

Support automatic detection of programmers with automatic USB recovery.

Source File Operations

  • load 
Select source Hex file - parameters can be set to handle Hex file generation errors including retrys and delays.  This can be used to support remote programming across a LAN or WAN connection.

Device Family Operations

  • manual selection of part
  • automatic detection of part
  • recently used parts list
  • supports legacy and newer Microchip microcontrollers

Support easy selection of target part.

See here for the full list of supported parts.

Programmer Operations

  • manage PROGMEM
  • manage EEPROM
  • manage HEF/SAF
  • manage power and voltage 
  • manage ICSP frequency
Supports simple selection of programming options.

Information Operations

  • Quiet output management
Select the level of information you need.


Select to write the source hex to the chip.


Why choose PICKitEasy?


It is the simplest way to program a microcontroller.  PICKitEasy has a simple user    interface to make the operation easy.



Which parts are supported?


See here for the full list of supported parts.



What are the networking requirements to program parts?


To operate the software, in terms of programming, a network connection is not required.   

If you did want to check the version of the parts database then you would need to connect to the internet... or, you could look on our GitHub site.


What is the license?

A single name user.

One year software support/maintenance plus free updates to the parts database.