PICKitPlus Programmers

The PICKitPlus Programmer  is based on the Microchip PICKit 2 design, and essentially works the same.   In addition, it is fully supported by our range of PICKit software tools. It offers all the functionality you would expect from a PICKit2 program:

- Program, verify and read 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, PIC32 microcontrollers

- Program, verify and read EEProms

- Serial terminal

- Logic analyser


The PICKitPlus Programmer does not support:

- PICKit-to-go mode

- Firmware update


We have two models: PICKitPlus andPICKitPlus PI4. The PICKitPlus  is the standard model.

The PICKitPlus PI4 is a special variant programmer designed to work correctly on a Raspberry Pi 4.  It operate 4% slower than the standard  PICKitPlus model; but unlike the any PICKit2 or PICKIt3  the PICKitPlus programmer will function on a Pi 4.  The Raspberry Pi 4 USB subsystem has a subtle flaw that causes  PICKit2 or PICKIt3   programmer to "lock up" very frequently and need to be unplugged and replugged by hand.   Previous models of Raspberry Pi  and Raspberry 5 do not have this flaw.   The PICkitPlus PI4 solves this problem, and as a bonus also works everywhere a PK2 would.

Both models are supplied fully-assembled.

If you want one see  our buying page