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You will receive software updates and udpdates microcontrollers from the project team.

When you click the PayPal icon, you will be taken to the PayPal website where you will be able to donate 23 GBP to ten thousand GBP (or the equivalent in another currency) to the PICkitPlus project.  Note that you do not have to create a PayPal account in order to donate money to the PICkitPlus project.  

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Thank you from the team - we need your donations and support.

The PICkitPlus team:

Evan/Anobium (COO and PICkit GUI Developer)

Stuart (CTO and PICkitCommandLine)

Anthea (Administrator)


A huge THANK YOU for your support

A PICkitPlus Primer

PICkitPlus offers a new reliable solution for Microchip PICkit2™ and PICkit3™ programmers to support users in programming their hex code into the PIC MCU by using this standalone software.

PICkitPlus is a total replacement for the existing Microchip PICkit2™ and PICkit3™ Windows GUI software. The PICkitPlus software provides a journey to the PICkit2™ and PICkit3™ to support the latest generation of Microchip microcontrollers and much more.

PICkitPlus software for the PICkit™ 2 and PICkit™ 3 applications are called PICkit 2Plus, PICkit 3Plus and PICkitCommandLine.

The intent of PICkit 2Plus and the PICkit 3Plus is to support programming of any 8-bit PIC microcontroller. The capabilities includes three software elements:

PICkitPlus Key features:

PICkitPlus other features:

Safe Usage Enhancements:

Command Line Operations:

HEF & SAF Operations:

Bandgap Operations:

User Interface Updates:

New installer:

The Software: