PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack


Want a kit early?

The PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack Kit is real - we are so busy getting the website finished that we have not yet written the website hardware pages.   But, if you want one early then email us here and ask for the  PICKitPlus LCD RucksackKit and we can get you started with the fun of buildling you own PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack Kit.


What is the PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack?

This is  flexible way to connect an LCD to a microcontroller wit the PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack supporting I2C, SPI and Serial communications.   You set a few connectors and you can choose the communications protocol.

It is a simple kit you can build and then use.  Provided with documentation and examples code.

We can supply the PCB and the pre-programmed microcontroller - we are not ready to provide all the full kit - yet.



We will be adding to this webpage..

Photos of the product, build instructions, code examples and project examples.

Sorry, but, meanwhile a few pictures as tasters.